Real Tennis and Rackets at the Racquet Club of Chicago

I look and gather inspiration from everything around me. The paintings are hoarded compartments of landscape and thoughts about life and community. The paintings tell stories with layered meaning. Stories about growth and death, people being together, people’s interaction with nature, and a spiritual world being revealed through these actions.

I make the paintings from imagination applying the views of my neighborhood to compositional structures borrowed from religious painting and modern abstraction.

I interact with the world using my eyes and my hands. I use accumulated scraps available in my studio like leftovers in the fridge. Surfaces in the paintings build into visual and tactile reconstructions of nature. Or, forms flatten to emphasize the landscapes similarities to domestic patterns. Often, I build sculptural arrangements after making paintings as a way to better understand my spacial and material intent. In each work, I play and discover comparing materials and application methods to reinvent the familiar and infuse it with meaning.