My formative years were spent participating in an experiential branch of Christianity. We practiced visionary methods of communicating with god and the spiritual realm. Passageways such as doors, windows, and paths were the jumping off point through which god invited me in to another world that I would tour, Jesus as my guide like a Dante, thru symbolic realms of my subconscious, spiritual parables, or when I was lucky- heaven. These experiences were recorded, interpreted and shared to inspire, encourage, shed light on difficult situations, sometimes predict the future and often gave specific edification or information for others. I treasured these experiences then and now.

Mundane objects become supernatural symbols to me after seeing and hearing about them in the visions and slowly a vocabulary of metaphoric objects grew in spiritual significance that god used as a shorthand to communicate thoughts and ideas with me. I had what, compared with others, was a strong gift for entering these visions, and a fluency that often led me to teach small seminars and groups through techniques of experiential visionary prayer. Striving to fuse this prayerful meditation practice into my studio work, the objects in the paintings, though mundane hold deep personal significance. With an odd twist of fate my ability to penetrate the curtain of our world and peer beyond grew too opaque. I’m left with many questions, impacting memories, and a pursuit to one day open the right door again.